Production value in visual media

Visual media is vital in promoting your product or service, and it’s far easier to grab the attention of a potential customer with a video telling your story than it is with a print ad or brochure. Let’s face it, this is the age when short, two-minute videos are replacing heavy marketing colaterals. This medium has the ability to engage the audience. This is why you must create content with high production value.

Your audience has certain expectations: everything from the script, how engaging the story is, to the quality of lighting and the image seen in the video.

Videos will often be the first way that customers engage with your product or service. The higher the quality of your production, the more memorable your story will be. The image and brand you are trying to present is the most important aspect of the video being produced. Whether it is about you, your company or your product or service, professionalism is conveyed through high quality production value.

Working with the right team can help develop the right image for your production.

A compelling script, optimum equipment to support the script and budget. Characters, models or actors who bring out the message; here it is not about experience or a well-known face, sometimes it’s just about an x factor that the director “sees”, a co-operative crew- defying the director, ego hassles and lack of team spirit on a set on a set can throw a production out of the window! Last but not least the quality of talent – The eye of a cameraperson, the hands of a makeup artiste, the performance of actors, the prowess of the crew, the mastery of the music composer, the style of the art designer – all this is prime for a piece of content to be produced

Here are production stills of a fashion shoot done at our studio.