NGO Storytelling
Creating content for NGOs can be very tricky.
NGOs need goodwill the most, since their foundation is service.
So it is important to be upfront and yes, in a way mildly assertive
Primarily the communication needs to build a movement of passionate people who are going to form a relationship with the NGO for years. Here, it’s the donors who need to be the advocates. They need to share content, feel really connected to their impact and they need to represent that to all their friends and family. The content then becomes matter of pride.

The content also needs to tap into the power of social proof. The positive influence created when people find out others are doing something – now, suddenly, becomes appealing to everyone. There is a deep strategy involved in this exercise through content by giving a face and a voice to thousands with pictures, videos, and written stories

The content needs to be driven towards transparency
In the case of NGOs , most donors prefer to know that their money goes directly to helping people rather than to operating costs. Donors often feel confused about where their money ends up or don’t really trust that it’s being used as promised hence it lies within the content to prove it. In the nonprofit space, there often is concern about western organizations barging into foreign countries and implementing solutions without really understanding the people’s needs, hence we need to show who the local partners are.
Wielding the power of storytelling and bringing out the above becomes the prime concern while creating content for fundraising for nonprofits.