Gearing Towards Content

The average viewer watches 239 videos per month with length and file sizes increasing. As more television viewers migrate to the web or plug their computers into their TVs, they’re coming to expect higher quality online video.

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to view content when and where they want. Those mobile devices are becoming ever more advanced. More sophisticated equipment, combined with fast data networks only means that mobile video quality needs to looks spectacular.

Like your website, your email marketing and your printed materials, the video that your company produces is representative of your brand. Production values can enhance or detract from the core content of a video. A production company doesn’t just make the end product look good. They also help craft the content of your video to ensure it is focused, informative and impactful. Better content translates into higher conversion.

Prepare a brief outline of what you’re looking for.
It might sound obvious, but you need to be clear about the purpose of your video content. What goal are you aiming to achieve? What’s your business situation, and what problem do you want to use video to solve?
Who will watch your video? Will it be leads, customers, employees, or other stakeholders? Unless you’re certain of your audience, you won’t be able to tailor your video content to appeal directly to them. Aim to write down as much as you can about an average viewer, from their demographics to their occupation to their personality.
Try to stick to just one core message if possible, or two at a stretch. Cramming too much information into your video just means viewers won’t be able to take it all in. It’s best to stick to just a few messages and get them across well.