At SHIFFT we believe that Content is supreme and that she is Queen.
Our philosophy is to uphold and value this, no matter what.

Led by our founder, Deepti Tarakanath, we don't just tirelessly commit our efforts in making content for the dynamic and ever-changing media, but also aim at marketing it effectively. It is here, at SHIFFT where genesis of ideas, its evolution and execution all happen keeping in mind the vision of our clients.

With our feet in Bangalore our journey of good and strategically sound content has travelled across the world with our clients like Amazon, HDFC, RiverTide, Innotech, Manipal Hospitals to name a few.

Our team of visionaries and innovators make your purpose their own, leveraging the magic that powerful moving-images teamed up with compelling design, great storytelling, and meaningful marketing, makes.

For us it is about building your premise- where your ideas thrive, your customers engage, your returns soar and those unserviceable mind-sets ease up. This is the idea that excites us. This is why we come to work every day to support you to- #MakeTheShifft.

Here are some of the many formulas we deploy.

Films| Branding| Digital Assets | Films+ Branding |Branding+ Digital Assets | Branding+ Digital Assets+ Lead Gen + Strategy | Films + PR Marketing | Digital assets + Digital Marketing - permutations and combinations there of.

We would love to take this dialogue forward !

Reach out to us at enquiry@shifftfilms.com


Writer, Director and Founder at Shifft Films

Shifft Films is the brainchild of Deepti Tarakanath. Her main focus is to churn content, in the most effective and creative way, for today’s marketing landscape. Shifft will be dedicated towards that for the times to come.