About Shifft Interiors

A connected age requires a new agency model and thus was formed Shifft Films.
At the core of this production house cum content creation company, is teamwork.
There is a certain degree of interdependence between the team members. It is an intensive combination of reciprocal and sequential workflow. The work and activities flow unidirectionally from one member to another. But not entirely in one direction: feedback from clients and suppliers can send a project moving back down the line for revision, and then back in the right direction again.

I therefore wanted the “open office” plan. And worked on an office interior design that permits this workflow to flourish. We do have privacy-enhancing spaces, such two closed door rooms but our space is designed to be collaborative and we are proud of that.

The space emulates an art deco style with gleaming wood finishes, plush purple velvet with hints of the sap green reflected in the logo